Morgrie, a creative digital equipment brand, was born to create more interesting desktop electronic equipment.

In 2017, four designers founded Morgrie, adhering to the brand concept of "original spirit", "novelty", "extreme style", and "infinite creativity", creating products with strong industrial design and creative expression. Won the recognition and love of geek users.

Morgrie is committed to creating personalized desktop electronic equipment. Based on the diverse needs of users, it designs and manufactures equipment that is different from the existing market, covering various products such as mechanical keyboards, mice, speakers, computer hardware, desk lamps and so on. Whether equipment parties, game otakus, code farmers, designers, text creators, you can find equipment products that suit your wishes in Morgrie, satisfy users’ imaginations, and make life full of "ritual sense" and "sense of rituals" through "equipment". fashionable".

Morgrie defines "desktop electronic devices" as the "new toys" of "geeks", and uses extreme imagination to create the ultimate equipment products, releasing the "geek power" that is free from publicity, loves sharing, unique personality, and young and loves to play. ". Establish communities and create exclusive communities, improve the comfort and happiness of life through "equipment", make "equipment" a condiment for the quality of life, and make life more interesting because of its fun.

Morgrie, fun to play with life.
Make life a little more fun.
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